Amanda Jane King


I do NOT take any responsibility for any client acting upon any advice given.

All of my readings, healing sessions, treatments and other services are offered for spiritual enlightenment purposes only. They must not be misconstrued as professional counselling or medical treatment and if any advice is acted upon, I will not be responsible for the outcome.

I am not a medical professional.  I am a practitioner of spiritual enlightenment. Any healing given must never replace conventional diagnosis or treatment by qualified medical experts. All healing offered is complimentary, not alternative.

All of my services are strictly confidential and no personal information is ever discussed with or shown to outside sources without the prior consent of those persons involved.

No information is ever passed to or from third parties before a reading. If you suffer from a psychiatric disorder or are in need of proper counselling for any reason, then please visit an appropriately qualified professional.  I am not a licensed psychiatrist or counsellor.